$50 to $2130

Unveiling The Extraordinary: Lisa’s $50 To $2130 Forex Trading Triumph

Unveiling The Extraordinary: Lisa’s $50 To $2130 Forex Trading Triumph. In a realm where fortunes are made and dreams are realized, Lisa, a tenacious and visionary trader, shattered the barriers of possibility. Armed with a mere $50 investment, she fearlessly navigated the world of forex trading, transforming it into an awe-inspiring $2130. Today, Lisa invites you to delve into her captivating journey, revealing the secrets behind her resounding success. Whether you’re a novice trader or a seasoned enthusiast, prepare to be enthralled as Lisa’s extraordinary tale unfolds, reigniting your passion and illuminating the path to forex triumph.

Lisa’s $50 To $2130 Forex Trading Triumph

Hello! I am Lisa and l am excited with you my forex trading journey of how l turned $50 to $2130 in 14 yes, yes that’s right in 14 days. Thanks to the trading knowledge l acquired from morepips.com. In this article, l will be sharing the broker that l used, the strategy that l used as well as how l managed by trades. Be ready to be Inspired.

The Broker That l Used

There are so many forex trading brokers out there, but behind every successful broker there is a good, regulated and honest broker which offers low spreads. After testing so many brokers, l chose XM to be by broker on my exciting journey of forex trading. This is because XM offers a 100% deposit bonus which was advantageous in managing potential losses that might l might have incurred during your 14-day trading journey. The deposit bonus can provide an additional buffer to your trading capital, allowing you to recover from any unfavorable market conditions or unexpected setbacks. If you want to open your trading account with XM, click here to be taken to a step by step guide of creating your trading account.

Currency Pair That l Traded on my Journey from $50 to $2130

When l was starting out on my forex trading journey, l came across this Quora post which was saying that as a beginner one should focus on one currency pair and master it for them to be profitable traders. I then asked the poster which currency pair should l focus on since l was starting out and the said l can try GBPUSD. I then started to study the movements of this pair and used the knowledge l had acquired from a course l had enrolled in on morepip.com and developed the strategy which l am about to share with you.

The Trading Plan that l Followed

Are you curious to learn about the trading plan I followed to achieve a remarkable growth from $50 to $2130 in just 14 days? If so, I invite you to download my comprehensive forex trading plan that outlines the lot sizes l used and daily targets I implemented during this successful journey.

By downloading this trading plan, you’ll gain valuable insights into the steps I took to maximize my trading potential, manage risk effectively, and capitalize on profitable opportunities. Whether you’re a beginner looking to kickstart your trading journey or an experienced trader seeking, this trading plan can serve as a valuable resource to enhance your trading skills.

The Strategy That Turned $50 to $2130

l adopted the PipStorm Breakout Strategy, specifically targeting the Asian range breakout with the GBPUSD currency pair.

Daily Chart Trend Identification:

To identify the prevailing trend and assess its strength, I relied on the MACD histogram on the daily chart. A positive histogram above the zero line confirmed a bullish trend, while a negative histogram below the zero line indicated a bearish trend. Additionally, the movement of the histogram provided insights into the momentum of the respective trend.

Switch to a Lower Timeframe and Mark the Asian Range:
Transitioning to the 1-hour timeframe during the European morning allowed me to identify breakout opportunities following the conclusion of the Asian session. I marked the highest and lowest price levels between 11 p.m. and 8 a.m. GMT, representing the trading range that occurred during the Asian session. It was important to note that the range did not have to be sideways; only the high and low were significant for this strategy. The breakout of either the high or low of the Asian range determined the trading condition, aligning with the MACD trend on the daily timeframe.

Executing Bullish Trades:

After confirming a bullish MACD trend on the daily timeframe, I looked for a breakout of the Asian range in the upside direction. I entered a long trade as soon as the price broke above the high of the Asian range, without waiting for a close. I placed my stop loss order at the low of the Asian range and set the profit target as the height of the range projected. For example, if the range was 50 pips, my take profit target would also be 50 pips to the upside. To manage risk, I set the stop loss at a similar distance (around 50 pips).

Executing Bearish Trades:

Similarly, after confirming a bearish MACD trend on the daily timeframe, I looked for a breakout of the Asian range in the downside direction. I entered a short trade as soon as the price broke below the low of the Asian range. I placed my stop loss order at the high of the Asian range and set the take profit target as the height of the range projected. For instance, if the range was 30 pips, my take profit target would also be 30 pips to the downside. To manage risk, I set the stop loss at a similar distance (around 30 pips).

$50 to $2130

Avoiding Conflicting Signals:

It was crucial to avoid taking trades when the price broke the Asian range in the opposite direction of the MACD trend on the daily chart. If the MACD trend was bullish, I refrained from entering a trade if the price broke the range to the downside. Similarly, if the MACD trend was bearish, I avoided trading if the price broke the range to the upside.

$50 to $2130

How l Kept Track of My Trades

Tracking my trades meticulously was a game-changer on my forex trading journey. To ensure accuracy and organization, I discovered an incredible trading journal available on Amazon that revolutionized the way I approached my trades.

This user-friendly trading journal was specifically designed for forex traders like me. It provided a structured format to record essential trade details, analyze performance, and uncover valuable insights into my trading patterns. From entry and exit points to trade duration, risk management strategies, and even emotions experienced during each trade, this journal had it all.

If you’re a beginner forex trader seeking to level up your trading game, I highly recommend investing in a reliable trading journal. It will serve as a powerful tool to track your trades, identify areas for improvement, and fine-tune your trading strategies.

click here to get your copy of the trading journal that l used . Take the first step toward transforming your trading journey by investing in a high-quality trading journal today. Your future success in the forex market awaits!

Remember, a well-kept trading journal can be the key to unlocking your full trading potential. Take action now and set yourself up for trading success!


From a modest $50 investment, I embarked on a thrilling journey that transformed my life. Using XM, the implementation of the PipStorm Breakout Strategy, meticulous trade management, and a focus on GBPUSD, I turned that initial investment into a remarkable $2,130. This journey was not without its challenges, but by embracing inspiration, maintaining discipline, and continuously learning, I discovered the immense potential of forex trading. Let my story serve as a beacon of hope and encouragement for aspiring traders. Remember, with the right tools, strategy, and mindset, you too can embark on a remarkable journey of financial success in the world of forex trading.

Disclaimer: Forex trading involves risks, and past performance is not indicative of future results. It’s crucial to conduct thorough research, seek professional advice, and trade responsibly.