HOW I TURNED $30 to $1 500 trading forex

My Inspiring Forex Trading Journey: Turning $30 into $1,500

Hey there! I’m John, and I’m thrilled to share my incredible forex trading journey with you. With the support of, I turned a humble $30 investment into an impressive $1,500. Let me take you through the details of my strategy, entry and exit points, lot sizes, and how trend lines played a crucial role in my success. Get ready to be inspired!

For my journey l traded the Volatility 75 pair only and here is why;

  • Clear Trending Behavior: V75 is known for its consistent and well-defined trends. As a beginner, trading an instrument with clear and predictable trends can make it easier to identify potential trading opportunities and make informed decisions.
  • Simplified Market Focus: By focusing on a specific instrument like V75, beginners can avoid the overwhelming task of analyzing multiple currency pairs or other complex financial instruments. This allows for a more focused approach to learning and trading, which can be beneficial when starting out.
  • Unlimited Trading Hours: V75 can be can be traded 24/7, including weekends. Unlike traditional forex markets that have specific trading hours, V75 offers continuous trading opportunities throughout the week.
  • Availability of Historical Data: V75 has a relatively short trading history, making it easier for beginners to access and analyze historical price data. This accessibility enables them to study and identify trends, patterns, and support/resistance levels more effectively.
  • Risk Management Opportunities: V75’s volatility presents opportunities for risk management techniques such as setting tight stop-loss orders and defining profit targets. This allows beginners to practice and develop their risk management skills in a controlled environment.

Which Brokers Offers V75 as a Trading Pair?

Deriv stands out as the only regulated broker offering V75 (Volatility 75) as a trading pair. This regulatory status instills confidence in traders, ensuring that their funds are protected and that fair trading practices are upheld. With Deriv, beginners and experienced traders alike can engage in V75 trading with the assurance of a secure and transparent trading environment, supported by regulatory compliance. You can click HERE to open your Deriv Trading Account. For a step by step guide on how to create a real account with Deriv you can read this article. Even if you already have a trading account with Deriv l suggest you open a new one so that you can start this journey with a fresh account and deposit just $30 and follow the strategy which l will share below. If your country is restricted from using Deriv reach out to they will assist you with creating your account.

Strategy l Used For My Journey:

Trend lines are one powerful strategic way of trading with volatility 75 index. It’s the same scenario of support and resistance. The only difference is support and resistance moves horizontally or we plot them horizontally while TRENDLINES move or are plotted diagonally. This is one active way to trade with vix75 because vix75 is said to be a trendy market. Let’s look at how to plot trend lines. In the explanation I did mention that you plot trend lines when the market is trending thus moving diagonally so you look for two common points on that trending
Let’s look at the image below

This was a market that was moving up, it was moving up while retracing, so Price rallied up and then came back but it couldn’t meet the same point with or in line with the same first point, now that becomes two points, so what happens is that you connect the first point and the second point and then extend the trend line, so what happens is that if it moves up and comes down to meet it for the third time it is likely to move back up. So, for trend line, you need at least two points to be able to execute your trade on the third point.

Now let’s look at the image above once again.

Let’s take the first point, price came down there to create point A(blue box), Then it rallied up and came down, but it couldn’t come at the same point as point A, so we connect point A(blue box) to point B(red box) then we wait for price to move up and come down to be in line with point A and B just as the picture shows the green box as point C, then once price gets to point CA we trigger our buy, or wait for our rejection candle, and you can see a hammer candle on the line rejected giving you the confirmation its moving up. So, once it hits for the third time all you will do is to BUY because the psychology is that it will move up.
For trend lines, we need the third price or point to be able to execute the trade that’s you will need two points or touches to be able to take the trade either sell or buy

This time let’s use an upper trend line

So, using the same idea of the lower trend line, we use the same idea to connect to the upper trendline. So, after price hits the third touch we SELL. Remember this is not like support and resistance when we can buy or sell on the second touch. For trend lines, you need the first and the second point in able to trigger your sell or buy on the third touch.

Quick Notes

  • For upper trend line, we SELL on the third touch
  • For lower trend line, we BUY on the third touch
  • It is not good to draw longer trend lines on time frames such as m5 and m15 as price will be able to penetrate and break them easily. It is always good to execute your trade on a third line after the THIRD TOUCH that’s after spotting your first and second zones on the trend line. Anything on the 4th touch on smaller time frame of a trend line is likely to break.

Lot Sizes Used:

To effectively manage risk, I adopted a cautious approach when determining lot sizes. I ensured that my position sizes were proportional to my account balance and risk tolerance. This allowed me to protect my capital while staying consistent with my trading strategy. For each trade l risked 10% of my account balance and used a 20pip stop loss, therefore l used the below formula to determine my lot size:

Lot size= amount willing to risk/stop loss in pips

Secrets Behind My Journey’s Success

The secret behind the success of my trading journey was my ability to let my winners run and manually trail my stop losses, along with my strategy of adding more trades when others were already in profit and moving my stop to the entry of another trade. By allowing my winning trades to continue, I capitalized on the momentum and increased profitability. Instead of exiting prematurely, I stayed in the trades as long as the trend remained intact, maximizing my profits along the way.

Manually trailing my stop losses played a crucial role in managing risk and protecting my gains. As the price moved in my favor, I adjusted the stop loss level to a point where it would lock in profits if the trade reversed. This approach allowed me to capture potential further gains while safeguarding against sudden reversals.

In addition, I implemented a strategy of adding more trades when existing positions were already in profit. This technique, known as pyramiding or scaling in, enabled me to capitalize on favorable market conditions and potentially increase my overall profitability.

To further mitigate risk, I moved my stop loss to the entry of another trade. This meant that even if the trade reversed and hit the stop loss, I would exit the position without incurring any losses. This strategy effectively reduced the risk associated with subsequent trades.

By combining these techniques, I effectively managed risk, protected my profits, and capitalized on favorable market conditions throughout my trading journey. It’s important to note that these strategies require careful analysis, experience, and a thorough understanding of market dynamics. I encourage traders to consider the potential risks and market conditions before applying these techniques to their own trading approach.

My Remarkable Trading Performance:

Through discipline, perseverance, and strategic execution, my trading performance skyrocketed. Over six months, I transformed my initial $30 investment into an impressive $1,500. By focusing on V75’s trends and respecting trend lines, I consistently identified lucrative trading opportunities. The combination of a robust strategy, risk management, and Deriv’s support propelled my success in the forex market.

Continuous Learning and Growth:

The journey doesn’t end here! I remain committed to continuous learning. continues to be my go-to resource for staying updated on industry trends, refining my skills, and expanding my trading knowledge. Engaging with experienced traders and participating in trading communities further nurtured my growth. The knowledge-sharing and support within these communities have been instrumental in my progress.

My forex trading journey from a modest $30 to an impressive $1,500 with Deriv as my broker has been nothing short of remarkable. Through education, discipline, and taking advantage of V75’s trends and trend lines, I achieved financial growth and independence. I encourage aspiring traders to explore the potential of forex trading, with Deriv as a trusted partner and V75 as an instrument offering exciting opportunities. Start your journey today and unlock the doors to financial freedom!